Quantitative Research

Used to find out the relative weight of the various attributes and motivations in customer purchasing decisions. The main techniques used in quantitative research are as follows:

  • Personal interviews and surveys.
  • Telephone interviews.
  • Online interviews.

Type of Projects

  • Monitoring & audits on the quality of customer service and sales performance in contact centers.
  • Assessment of potential demand for new services.
  • Optimal selling price estimation for new product launches.
  • Characterization of consumption habits of different products and services.

Success Stories in Quantitative Research Engagements

Monitoring & audits on the quality of customer service and sales performance in contact centers

Our client is a services company that sells its products and serve its customers basically through call centers.

The goal is to make an objective and independent assessment of customer service provided and sales performance in contact centers. To do this, on a monthly basis we evaluate a random selection of calls handled by each call center, according to the different types of calls and covering every day of the week, shifts and operators. The main activities in these audits are as follows:

  • Design evaluation questionnaires, one for each type of call, and web application programming for completion online
  • Conducting fieldwork, auditing 800 calls a month. The audit includes assessing the degree of compliance with the performance protocols and different attributes related to the communication, the commercial ability and quality of treatment and care provided to the client
  • Processing more than 50,000 data generated in each wave of assessment and calculation of global indicators of service to facilitate goal setting and performance tracking of each call center
  • Preparation of a monthly report of results, identifying opportunities for improvement

Personal surveys to determine newspaper reading habits

The client is a regional newspaper belonging to one of the top three communications groups in Spain. This newspaper was only launched recently and is trying to “position itself” in the market, displacing the leading newspaper in the region.

After an initial qualitative phase, this research aimed to identify the main values that differentiate the newspaper from its main competitor and give it its specific personality, understand customer and non-customer demands in terms of contents, structure and design and, in short, identify ways of improving the newspaper’s image, quality, news format, promotional offer and other relevant aspects of the newspaper for the target public.

Telephone surveys to estimate the potential demand for new services

In this case, the client is a multinational company engaged in the distribution of financial services from third parties.

Within a larger project whose ultimate goal was to diversify the company’s business, and after an initial qualitative phase to identify potential products of interest to current customers of the company, we run a telemarketing campaign to quantify the potential demand for new products identified by the target audience. This action allowed prioritize which products made sense to launch, discarding those with lower demand.

Online surveys to determine the optimal selling price of a product

Our client is a start-up firm dedicated to marketing access control services for Internet content for mobile devices.

Being a new service without price references in the market, the project objective was to estimate the propensity for hiring the service at different price levels and calculate the demand-price elasticity.

Given the profile of potential users, we conducted online interviews to different customer profiles and applied the Gabor Granger demand model, which allowed us to determine the optimum selling price to achieve the objective set (maximizing revenue, profit, initial market penetration, etc .).