Qualitative Research

It is used to “explore” and “explain” the behavior of consumers. The main techniques used in qualitative research are as follows:

  • Discussion groups.
  • In-depth interviews.

Type of Projects

  • Assessment of brand territory and positioning.
  • Definition of attributes for new products and services.
  • Identification of purchasing motivations and loyalty levers.
  • Pre-test of advertising campaigns and communication materials.

Success Stories in Qualitative Research Engagements

Focus Group Meetings to test new product launches

The client is one of the main banking groups in Spain. Its leading market position is due, among other reasons, to its commercial dynamism and commitment to launching innovative products and services.

For this client, we have carried out many qualitative research projects consisting of Group Meetings to test the concept of new products, identify the most outstanding attributes and rank them according to their importance for the customers, test advertising messages and communication media, in order to finally propose improvements to product design and communication to make the product more attractive to potential customers.

In-depth interviews to characterize purchasing processes

Our client is an electric power company that, apart from selling energy, offers what it describes as Value Added Services (VAS). These products and services help customers save and consume energy more efficiently.

Since the targeted customer segment in this project were SMEs, we recommended the use of in-depth interviews as the most appropriate qualitative research methodology. We interviewed Purchasing / Financial Managers of the selected companies, characterizing the consumption opportunities for each VAS, describing the buying process for each service, and identifying the participants in this process, both the company and third parties. The research results were used to draw up the client’s marketing channels strategy.