Technology and IT Systems

Projects within this category cover a wide range of engagements. On one hand, what we could tag as strategic projects such as the formulation of the Systems Master Plan, design of CRM systems, or the assessment, selection and implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning systems. On the other hand, more tactical projects as database management or the development of applications to support business processes.


Type of Projects

  • Development of Technology & IT Systems Master Plan.
  • Creation of computer tools for the management information system.
  • Assessment, selection and implementation of different ERP systems.
  • Evaluation and implementation of CRM systems.
  • Web strategy and design of corporate web sites and e-commerce stores.
  • Design of alarms systems to automate the monitoring of business.
  • Design of data bases and business queries.
  • Interim Technology and IT Systems Leadership & Management.

Success Stories in Technology and IT Systems Engagements

Assessment, selection and implementation ERP system

In this case, the client is a small company that has small number of very large clients together with a large number of suppliers. The operational, administrative and financial procedures of the company were not supported in any IT system, which prevented any planning activity and made management a very difficult task, with many unexpected situations.

Our role consisted in defining the needs of the different departments of the company and translate them into functional and operational requirements which should comply with the selected ERP system. We carried out the following activities:

  • Preliminary evaluation of 15 IT tools to pre-select a short list of them, adapted to the profile, skills and working procedures of the company.
  • In-depth functional analysis of the IT tools included in the short list, assessing their functionality, accessibility, robustness, security, and quality of customer-service support.
  • Negotiation with two ERP system providers, purchase recommendation and accompaniment in the process of implementation of the ERP system.