Strategic Consulting

Projects related to the core business of a company or its “way of doing things”. These are far-reaching programs, the impact of which affects all areas of the company -both internal and external- and is sustained over several years.


Type of Projects

  • Elaboration of Strategic Plans.
  • Development of Business Plans.
  • Characterization of new markets.
  • Diversification of business lines.
  • Implementation of top-management information systems.
  • Company Take-Overs.

Success Stories in Strategy Engagements

Elaboration of Strategic Plans

The customer -a national property company- has grown exponentially in recent years, essentially as a result of the purchase of land and the promotion of new buildings. The Group has an affiliated company that sells second-hand houses and at the time of the project had a great potential to improve in the Sales Area of the company.

The project consisted in reviewing the group’s business model, preparing the Strategic Plan and redesigning the organizational structure to adapt this to the new business model.

Diversification of business lines

The company groups together a distribution network of over 2,000 points of sale and belongs to a multinational company. The shops that make up the network are not its own; they are agents associated with the brand. Their business consists of the marketing of third party services to receive a commission that they share with the network.

The developed project consisted of the identification of new lines of activity for the diversification of the business and had three main work fronts:

  • A qualitative and quantitative study to research new offer concepts among customers of the network and to estimate the potential demand
  • Analysis of the network competences to determine the typology of new products to be marketed
  • Economic analysis to determine the profitability threshold of the new products

Development of Corporate Social Responsibility Policies

The customer is one of the leading telecoms company in the world.

The project, developed in collaboration with the Universidad de Navarra, aimed to promote the responsible use of new technologies by children and teenagers and to make parents and teachers aware of the need for them to play an active role in this respect.

The work was carried out simultaneously in seven Latin American countries and the main activities developed were as follows:

  • Performance of more than 80,000 surveys among schoolchildren in the region
  • Publication of a White Paper on minors and new technologies, with details of the analysis of all the survey data and consideration of the main educational and social challenges in this field
  • Creation of the Interactive Generations Forum as the entity responsible for giving continuity to the program. The founding partners of this Forum are six leading companies in their respective business sectors, two universities, two public institutions and one no-governmental organization specialized in working with minors and new technologies
  • Development of numerous marketing actions and publication of advertising material for communications with clients