Sales & Customer Service

Projects that deal with any aspect relating to the sales organization of the company. From reviews of commercial policies or distribution network operating systems to analyses of the impact that their activities have on customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Type of Projects

Policy and Business Strategy:

  • Development of Sales Plans.
  • Assessment of Commercial Area in the company and the management of the change processes.
  • Review and improvement of the company’s value proposition.
  • Design of Marketing Channels Strategy.
  • Competitor analysis.

Sales Force Management:

  • Review and analysis of current practices and definition of the daily work routines for sales teams.
  • Working procedures and organizational design of Sales Departments.
  • Counseling to top sales management on how to better run sales teams.
  • Assessment and fieldwork training to sales teams.
  • Deployment of sales forces on the territory and design of portfolios of customers.
  • Sales targets setting processes.
  • Compensation schemes for sales teams.
  • Design and improvement of the sales activity planning processes.
  • Design and implementation of plans for the revitalization of the sales activity.
  • Interim Sales Leadership & Management.

Marketing and Business Development:

  • Development of Marketing Plans.
  • Definition of brand territory.
  • Diversification of business lines.
  • Development of research projects on product / service attractiveness, differentiation potential, and improvement opportunities among current and prospect customers.
  • Optimal selling price estimation for new product launches.

Sales Tools & Resources:

  • Review of organizational models to better suit the positioning, strategy and working procedures of the company.
  • Design and implementation of training plans for sales teams.
  • Design of performance evaluation systems for commercial staff.
  • Design of management information system for the Sales Management Team.
  • Assessment of needs and implementation of CRM systems.
  • Assessment of needs and implementation of ERP systems for customers and salespeople activity management.
  • Development of mystery shopping programs for the commercial evaluation of the sales forces.

Customer Service:

  • Monitoring & audits on the quality of customer service provided in contact centers.
  • Monitoring & audits on the quality of sales performance & skills in contact centers.

Success Stories in Sales & Customer Service Engagements

Sales Area assessment

Our client is one of the main companies providing social and health services in the market. Due to increased competitive intensity and cutting public spending on health, the company decided to strengthen its sales efforts to attract private customers. In this context, we were commissioned to perform a comprehensive assessment of the commercial function in the company.

The project spanned from the assessment of the company’s value proposition and sales policy to market segmentation and internal organizational redesign as well as the review of the tools and systems that support the sales activity. Fruit of the project, we identified 39 specific opportunities for improvement, which were prioritized according to their potential impact and difficulty of implementation.

Business Plan Development

The client is a subsidiary of one of the leading banks in the country.

Due to the arrival of a new management team, the development of an in-depth Business Plan was deemed necessary.

The process began with an analysis phase where the business performance in the current year was assessed in order to identify improvement opportunities and problems / situations to be addressed. Next, we outlined the main strategic lines that should guide the Business Plan -in line with the Strategic Plan of the company- and then accommodated all business actions to make it happen.

To complete the development of the Business Plan, we set specific business objectives to every single action included in the Business Plan and identified and quantified the resources needed to comply with the Plan. These included both human and material resources, highlighting the Marketing Plan, Systems and Product Development.

Development of new marketing channels

The customer is a  Utilities company which only marketed its services through direct channels (sales force and call center).

The project consisted in evaluating the potential for developing a new marketing channel, namely a platform of prescribers.

The work performed included the characterization of the purchase process for each service marketed by the company, the identification and quantification of internal and external entities participating in those procurement processes and, finally, a strategic assessment on the appropriateness of developing an indirect marketing channel with some of the identified entities and stakeholders.

Designing of compensation models for sales teams

Over the course of the years we have carried out many compensation projects for sales teams, with particular focus on variable compensation. We have designed incentive schemes for individual salespeople as well as that of franchises and external networks.

As an example we outline a project performed for the franchise network of one of the leading players in the travel & tourism industry in Spain.

The project was structured in three phases:

  • In the first step we analyzed the evolution of the business of the franchise network in recent years, identifying segments, performance patterns and potential circumstances that could be worth while having in mind when designing the new compensation model for the network (objectives & incentives).
  • The second stage consisted in designing new compensation schemes for the franchisees, introducing a variable component linked to the achievement of business objectives.
  • Finally, we conducted an economic simulation of the new remuneration scheme to ensure its financial viability and sustainability. This simulation was performed both at the aggregate level for the whole network and individual level for each franchisee. The aim was to anticipate the impact that the change might have on the main franchisees and secure their enthusiastic support for the new model.

Monitoring & audits on the quality of customer service and sales performance in contact centers

Our client is a services company that sells its products and serve its customers basically through call centers.

The goal is to make an objective and independent assessment of customer service provided and sales performance in contact centers. To do this, on a monthly basis we evaluate a random selection of calls handled by each call center, according to the different types of calls and covering every day of the week, shifts and operators. The main activities in these audits are as follows:

  • Design evaluation questionnaires, one for each type of call, and web application programming for completion online.
  • Conducting fieldwork, auditing 800 calls a month. The audit includes assessing the degree of compliance with the performance protocols and different attributes related to the communication, the commercial ability and quality of treatment and care provided to the client.
  • Processing more than 50,000 data generated in each wave of assessment and calculation of global indicators of service to facilitate goal setting and performance tracking of each call center.
  • Preparation of a monthly report of results, identifying opportunities for improvement.