Organization and Human Resources

These are works that focus on the human factor of the company in all aspects which serve to optimize their effectiveness and contribution to the business. Projects such as the development of professional profiles for the different positions, performance evaluation systems, competency-based management, organizational models design or development of training programs.


Type of Projects

  • Review and design of new organizational models and job descriptions.
  • Elaboration of job descriptions.
  • Design and implementation of competency-based management systems.
  • Development por favor performance evaluation systems.
  • Benchmarking of compensation practices for different positions and industries, design of incentive plans tied to achievement of business objectives.
  • Development of training plans.
  • Interim Human Resources Leadership & Management.

Success Stories in Organization and Human Resources Engagements

Review and design of new organizational models and job descriptions

Our client in this project is a services company with national coverage. Its organizational structure did not help to provide an efficient and quality service to their customers. Furthermore, the organizational chart appeared to be an obstacle to facilitate teamwork between departments. This is why we were required to study the situation and design a new organizational model.

Based on analysis of the current structure, identifying all its inefficiencies and problems, we conducted a reflection on the factors to consider when coming up with a design that would eliminate these inefficiencies, would support growth, would foster teamwork and strengthen some functions. The work included a review of the main transverse processes of the company, adapting the organization to the processes and not the other way around, and thereby ensuring high customer satisfaction in their interactions with the company.

Finally, we developed job descriptions for all relevant positions in the company. This description included the mission of the post, main functions & responsibilities, position within the organization and organizational relationships, key competencies, necessary training and professional category.

Development of training plans

The client is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote a use of technology that contributes to the integral development of people, encouraging the active involvement of all players: family, school and society.

In this context we undertook the development of a Training and Awareness Plan. We designed a strategic framework for the training along two basic axis:

  • It targeted the three audiences: Minors (children and youth), parents and educators.
  • Content developed covered 3 themes: digital competence (skills), patterns / advice for responsible use of ICT, and motivation for education and mediation in these matters.

On the other hand, the Training Plan was based on the following principles.

  • Customization: the training offer should be sufficiently versatile and diverse to meet the needs of the different target audiences identified.
  • Competence approach: as the most appropriate way to focus and achieve high impact on training activities.
  • Formats: The format was primarily online. However, the courses were designed to also allow a classroom development.