Operations & Processes

Projects focussed on systems that give support to the operation of the business. Usually, they include the design and improvement of the operating procedures of the company and also those related to the resources used to run the business (Manufacturing, Sales, Customer Service, Finance, Back Office, etc.).


Type of projects

  • Review, Design and Documentation of Operation Procedures. Productivity and competitiveness.
  • Implementation of production management systems.
  • Management of the logistics chain.
  • Lean-Manufacturing measures implementation.
  • Organizational design and implementation of Production Departments.
  • Interim Operations Leadership & Management.

Success Stories in Operations & Processes Engagements

Design of procedures

In this case, the client is a marketing communications agency whose core activity is to reinforce its customers’ brand image through the development of point-of-sale events and promotional activities in the distribution channel.

In order to improve the current company practices in procurement and supplier management and increase the purchasing power of the company, Clever Lines was commissioned to design new procedures in these areas. Main activities developed were the following:

  • Characterize current company practices in supplier’s management, identifying improvement opportunities and laying the foundations for a new purchasing policy.
  • Design and document new procedures for preparing sales proposals to customers, purchasing and procurement of goods and services from suppliers and treasury management. The new procedures had to adequately meet the needs of customer service and also bring greater efficiency and control.
  • Identify and evaluate computer tools available in the market to support the new procedures.