Corporate Finance

This type of projects aim to optimize the financial resources of the company, its profitability and the control processes over them. The starting point of these engagements is usually a financial and economic diagnostic of the company, allowing us to identify the main strengths and improvement opportunities for this area. Right after the initial diagnostic there we design and implement action plans necessary to optimize the financial management of the company.


Type of Projects

  • Financial planning: budgets and business plans.
  • Development of financial management information systems.
  • Financing plans: negotiation with Financial Institutions.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: search and identification of potential investors.
  • Interim Corporate Finance Leadership & Management.

Success Stories in Corporate Finance Engagements

  • Financial restructuring and planning and bank-financing search in various industries.
  • Implementation of budget management systems and procedures.
  • Operating processes design in order to improve control and financial management of the company. Also, assessment of various IT systems to support planning and control activities.
  • Conducting financial audits in companies from various sectors.
  • Valuation of companies of different profiles and industries.