Our customers are diverse in terms of size, industry or competitive position. However, most of them meet one of the following profiles:

Business innovators

Leading companies in their sectors of activity noteworthy for their great business dynamism, resulting in the launch of many new products and services. They generally have strong and recognized brands, as well as broad customer bases.


Companies where it is necessary to have information and keep a tight control of the activity performed by salespeople, in order to guide the activity and make it more effective. Also companies that provide services to their customers through call centers.

Retailers in general

Companies with a large network of points of sale or distribution of any industry. Due to their size, delivering a consistent value proposition to customers is complex, but at the same time it is critical in order to reinforce the brand value and customer loyalty .


These are companies with a reduced personnel structure that occasionally need professional advice and consultancy services. Their small size conditions their availability of resources and their capacity to contract the services of big consultancy firms.